Treatment of disorders of the masticatory system

Musculoskeletal disorders of the masticatory system is one of the fundamental problems of contemporary dentistry, because it affects about half of the population

In the initial phase the disorders develop without unambiguously described symptoms, because of which the sufferers don't realize that dental treatment is necessary. One of the first symptoms is clicking and popping within the temporomandibular joints. After some time they might be accompanied by pains in the area of the temporomandibular joints or affecting the temple/forehead area and extending to the suboccipital region.

The most common causes of the disorders are the following:

  • stress which causes muscle tension
  • chewing gum, biting nails
  • missing teeth
  • bad bite, bad posture
  • head or jaw injuries
  • arthritis
  • teeth grinding (also while sleeping)

Common symptoms:

  • morning numbness and fatigue of jaws
  • unexplained tensive pains in the area of the head and neck
  • earache and the sensation of a clogged ear
  • clicking and pains in the joints while opening and closing mouth as well as chewing
  • restriction of movement and deviation of the mandible
  • tooth wear
  • non-carious cervical loss
  • dental cervix erosion
  • hypertrophied face muscles
  • eye pain, drooping eyelids, bulging of the eye and watery eyes

The most important treatments:

  • treatment of the pathological wear of the tooth
  • treatment of grinding and clenching of teeth
  • dental guards
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