Prosthodontics, dentures

Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry which deals with filling in dental tissues, as well as single and multiple missing teeth. The field also covers the reconstruction of broken teeth and the highly popular treatments of tooth reshaping and removing permanent discoloration.

A beautiful and healthy smile undoubtedly boosts self-confidence and makes us look younger, but a missing tooth is not just an aesthetic problem. Myths about uncomfortable dentures make a lot of people unnecessarily put off a visit to the prosthodontist's.


Effects of failing to fill in missing teeth.


Failing to fill in a missing tooth causes a number of health-related consequences:

  • leaning of teeth towards the gap results in diastemata, which creates favourable conditions for gum inflammation
  • pressing of food against the alveolar bone (in the place of the missing tooth) during chewing results in the disappearance of the bone - postponing filling it in may lead to the necessity of time-consuming and costly bone regeneration
  • a lower tooth systematically moves up due to a lack of contact with opposing upper tooth. This weakens its position in the bone, which leads to another loose and, with time, missing tooth
  • a bad bite causes changes in the temporomandibular joint; bad headaches start
  • food chewing disorders - causes a need to change eating habits and strains other teeth, which take on the functions of the missing ones
  • a poorer diet, which does not provide important nutrients, which puts the organism at risk of a number of complications - constipation, weight loss, stomach ulcers, gout, rheumatism, heart disease, and even (in cases of pathological complications related to edentulism) Parkinsonism and cancer


Major treatments:

  • porcelain veneers
  • inlays (metal, glass fibre, with a clasp)
  • acrylic crowns (temporary)
  • composite crowns
  • all-ceramic crowns
  • porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns
  • metal crowns
  • porcelain bridges
  • inlays, onlays
  • immediate dentures
  • acrylic dentures (partial and complete)
  • flexible dentures (nylon, acron, acetal)
  • cast-metal partial dentures
  • metal frame dentures
  • overdentures
  • free adjustment of dentures made in the clinic (paid for by the National Health Fund)
  • repairs and adjustment of dentures
  • denture relining
  • dental implant reconstruction


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