Dental surgery

Dental surgery includes a host of treatments within the mouth. It's a continually developing field dealing not only with surgical extractions, but also reconstructive surgery of bone tissue and soft-tissue plastic surgery as well as treatments within the area of microsurgery, which prepare the mouth for specialist treatment, for example implantation, prosthetic treatments, or endodontics.

In Beauty Dental Clinic we offer a number of surgical treatments performed by qualified specialists. Equipment of the highest quality enables us to perform the most complicated surgical treatments in a way that is safe and the most comfortable for the patient.

The most important treatments:

• Tooth extraction

• Surgical removal of impacted teeth

• Exposure of impacted teeth

• Orthodontic tooth exposure

• Removal of impacted teeth and separating the roots

• Removal of cysts

• Plastic surgery or laser removal of the frenulum

• Plastic surgery of the gums

• Plastic surgery of a fistula

• Plastic surgery of a jaw tumour

• Plastic surgery of the alveolar process

• Root end surgery

• Hemisection

• Bone regeneration

• Clinical crown lengthening

• Closure of oroantral fistula

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