Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry deals with improving the appearance of our teeth. It came into being as a response to the increasing popularity of the shiny, truly Hollywood-like smile, which has an influence on our image and our self-esteem. Beautiful, healthy teeth are an undeniable asset which boosts confidence in both private and professional life.

These days the colour and shape of our teeth doesn't have to rob us of our sleep. The effect of white, even teeth can be achieved by, among others, applying different methods of whitening as well as veneers covering unattractive surfaces of the teeth (enamel hypoplasia, unattractive fillings, tooth discoloration, lengthening of teeth worn down after grinding, diastemata).

In Beauty Dental Clinic you can whiten your teeth in two ways - the direct method in the clinic using the Beyond system and the at-home method (with a mouthpiece). Before the whitening, each patient undergoes a test which ensures that the treatment can be safely performed. Thanks to the modern equipment and highly-skilled doctors in Beauty Dental Clinic, you can get a beautiful, white smile after only one visit.

Major treatments:

  • teeth whitening (with a mouthpiece at home or in the clinic during one visit - the Beyond system)
  • replacement of unattractive fillings
  • teeth reshaping
  • teeth reconstruction using composites
  • cosmetic treatment of discoloration
  • elimination of diastema
  • whitening of dead teeth
  • veneers (composite and porcelain)
  • tooth jewellery (available in a range of patterns)
  • implants, crowns and bridges (prosthodontics)
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